Style Tips: Shoes – A Great Foundation


Style Tips: Shoes – A Great Foundation

Struggling to up your style game?  Start by adding a few pairs of shoes to your arsenal.

Shoes are the foundation of any great outfit and should be chosen with care to enhance the desired look.

Blue shoes and grey suits white shoes great brown shoes

Having a variety of colours and styles in your closet will open a variety of outfit options.

Make sure your shoes match the style of your outfit.  A sport shoe should be worn with a sport or outdoor outfit, for sale sneakers with a very casual outfit and dress shoes with dress pants or suits.

Your dress shoes should also be cleaned and polished regularly.  A great outfit can die on a pair of dull dirty dress shoes.

Take it to the next level by wearing brown shoes with your grey, medicine charcoal and navy suits. Black shoes are best kept for black suits.

While we are not a shoe store, discount we do carry a small inventory of great shoes and can provide you with great advice on how to use shoes to enhance any outfit!

Pitty shoes

brown shoes

Green shoes











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